The CPS-I platform is a multi-function incoming call processor. The system includes

an automated attendant function and a call sequencing or queing function. The system can

be upgraded with the TARIS Feature Package to include full Automatic Call Distribution

(ACD) capability. The CPS-I will answer the call and provide a menu of choices for extensions or

departments. If a selection is busy, the caller can have the option to hold using the Departmental Queuing

feature, and the calls to that department will be processed on a First In, First Out (FIFO) basis.

Callers waiting in the queue can hear customer provided music on hold and/or the system can play

"comfort messages" to the callers.


When using the TARIS ACD upgrade, the same capability described above is included, but the department(s)

in your call center will have assigned Agent Postions. Unlike other extensions in your phone system, these Agents

are connected to the TARIS and have the ability to Log In or Out of the system. The TARIS will route the

callers in the queue to the Longest Idle Agent, as opposed to a call sequencer, which does not target

specific individuals for each call.



CPS-I Call Processor with optional TARIS ACD





6 to 48 Ports (Lines)

Realtime Display via P.C.

Day, Night, Week-end & Holiday Modes

Caller may exit queue at any time

Multiple Groups

Software controlled Music Inputs

Inband Integration with other platforms

Centrex & PBX compatible

* 2 to 40 Agents

* Agent Wrap Up

* Caller Queue Postion Updates

Call Traffic Reports

* available on the TARIS


4 to 32 Minutes Digital Voice Storage

PBX / Centrex / Hybrid Compatible

using POTS emulation

Power Requirments: 120VAC 60Hz, 100W

Optional 220VAC available

Operating Temp: 40-100 degrees F.

Humidity: 20%-90% RH non-condencing

1 Serial Port DB25

1 Parallel Port (Epson compatible)

1 Internal Modem 1.2kbps

1 Music Input (8 ohm)

1 Auxiliary Input (8 ohm)