If your company uses "in skin" phone system conferencing or expensive third party providers, consider owning your own system!  Security, quality and ease of use are other potential concerns when outsourcing your conference calls.  Perhaps you like the document sharing capabilities of web conferencing but the quality and cost of the audio with some of those providers leaves much to be desired.  You can still utilize the benefits of web conferencing while keeping the audio portion in-house!

TEC has several platforms with various sizes and features tailored to your specific needs.  We welcome special applications and can customize your system.  Give us a call and let us help!  


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    Meet-Me II 9 Port w/amps  

Meet Me- II

5 to 27 Ports (Lines)
Fully Amplified  up to 15db Gain-Equalization
Optional "Lite" version
Best Disconnect Supervision in the Industry
    with the Smart Card Option
Entry Tone
Privacy & Lockout feature


MultiTelepatcher- II

12 to 48 Ports (Lines)
Up to 8 separate conferences simultaneusly
Private two-party sidebar conferences
Automated Attendant capability
Broadcast Only modes
Real-time display and control via P.C.
Virtual Duplex (for Touch Tone control)

    Park Meet-Me in 6 Slot Cage  
    4 Port ACE (12 Port system now available!)    

Audio Conference Exchange

4, 8 or 12 Ports (Lines)
Fully Amplified  up to 15db Gain-Equalization
Voice Announce or Entry tone
Music input for first caller
Broadcast Only mode
Security Code access to conference


Park Meet-Me

  2 Ports (Lines)
  Optional Voice Announce 
  Music input for first caller
  Timed Recall to Attendant or extension
  Custom Programs available

For Courtesy Phone, Park & Page applications


24 Port, T-1 compatible Meet-Me III

Meet-Me III

The MM-III is a 12 or 24 port
T-1 compatible conference bridge.
The 24 Port system allows one large conference
or can be split into one 16 party and one 8 party,
or three 8 party conferences.

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